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Hardware and locksmith items, hinges, sliding and rotating guides, wire items…

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COVID-19 Protective Screens

Perfect for those positions where we must be face to face with high traffic of customers, or even to increase safety within our working environment.



An hinge is a fitting composed of two parts joined together by a shaft or a mechanism that fixed to two elements, allows the rotation of one with respect to the other.


Hinges bases

Oslasa has a complete range of hinges; from economic to high-performance that facilitates the manufacture of all types of furniture.



From the self-closing nylon roller slides with drop available in various colors, to the hidden guides cover the needs that the market demands.



Arrange the kitchen with OSLASA’s most practical solutions: A complete selection of drawers so you can find everything you are looking for when you cook.


Kitchen Accesories

In this section you will find our complete catalog of kitchen accessories: draining rack, garbage cans, baskets and trolleys with brakes, columns with brakes…